Whether dressed in the golden sequined gown with
the opulent feather coat or in black tails, in white tails
embroidered with rhine-stones or in her cheeky Lola-costume
from the film »The Blue Angel« - Annika Lund succeeds in
fascinating women and men likewise.

Her shows are compiled to suit the needs and nationalities
of each particular audience. She sings the Marlene songs
in German, English and French whereas the performances
can also be hosted in these three languages. Also she greets
her audience, as the case may be, for instance in
Korean, Hungarian or Russian and sings the choruses
of the world-renowned song »Lili Marlene« for example
in Italien, Spanish or Japanese.

Annika Lund is also available as the perfect
Marlene look-alike, such as a hostess welcoming guests
to events and celebrations, for photo shoots,
for product marketing purposes or
as a Living Doll.

Annika Lund with
Peter Riva, the grandson
of Marlene Dietrich